University of Wisconsin – Madison at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2022 Annual Meeting 

Posted on May 2022

Dr. Scott Reeder gave a speech after being inaugurated as President of the ISMRM. Photo Credit: Rianne van der Heijden, MD, PhD

The ISMRM Annual Meeting kicked off on May 7th in London, UK. The University of Wisconsin – Madison Department of Radiology is well represented with 8 faculty presenting. On the last day of the meeting, Scott Reeder, MD, PhD was inaugurated as President of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine for a one-year term. 


Saturday, May 7 

8:00 AM – Daiki Tamada, PhDClinical Translation in the Age of AI: Challenges & Successes in Body MRI: Translating MR Sequences into Clinical Tools: Abdomino-Pelvic Applications of DWI That Have Transformed Oncology Practice 

1:00 PM – Alan McMillan, PhDStandardization & Integration in Body MRI: Integrated Imaging of the Body (PET/MR) & Whole-Body MRI 

1:50 PM – Oliver Wieben, PhDThe Heart in the Right Place: Exercise Cardiac MR Techniques 

Sunday, May 8 

8:10 AM – Scott Reeder, MD, PhDChampions for Change: Implementing New Techniques in Clinical Practice: Real-World Solutions: Iron Quantification in Clinical Practice II 

Monday, May 9 

8:30 AM – Diego Hernando, PhDHot Topics in Body MRI: Motility in the Abdomen: Love It or Hate It?: Reject the Motility: Mitigating Motion in the Abdomen 

Tuesday, May 10 

8:30 AM – Jitka Starekova, MDHot Topics in Body MRI: What’s New in COVID-19-Related Imaging: Multi-Organ Involvement of COVID-19 & Vaccine-Related Conditions 

9:15 AM – Oliver Wieben, PhDModerator: Flow from Head to Toe 

5:45 PM – Thelka Oechtering, MD2D-4D Flow & Perfusion in the Body: Methods & Clinical Applications: 2D-4D Flow & Perfusion in the Body: Methods & Clinical Applications 

Wednesday, May 11 

9:15 AM – Alexey Samansov, PhDMacromolecular Proton Fraction (MPF) from Scratch: Practical Guide on Protocols & Software Tools: A Flexible MATLAB Framework for Evaluation & Optimization of MPF Acquisition & Reconstruction Algorithms