UW Abdominal Radiologists Present at Digestive Disease Week

Posted on June 2010

Drs. Perry Pickhardt and David Kim in collaboration with members of the Department of Gastroenterology and the Care and Quality Innovations Division presented three scientific papers during Digestive Disease Week 2010 in New Orleans. As the largest international assembly of its kind, Digestive Disease Week brings together health care professionals in gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy, radiology, and gastroenterology surgery. The contributions of the Abdominal Imaging section to DDW included the following three presentations:

  1. Variation in Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates Within a Unified Health System.
    Weiss J, Kraft S, Flood G, Fiedler L, Pickhardt PJ, Smith M, Pfau P.
  2. Impact of a CT Colonography Colorectal Cancer Screening Program on Optical Colonoscopy: 5-Year Data.
    Benson ME, Pier J, Kraft S, Kim DH, Pickhardt PJ, Gopal DV, Reichelderfer M, Dasher K, Pfau P.
  3. Procedure Times and Complications of Optical Colonoscopy Following Positive CT Colonography Exam.
    Davenport D, Benson ME, Kim DH, Pickhardt PJ, Gopal DV, Reichelderfer M, Pfau P.