UW–Madison and GE HealthCare broaden shared commitment to health care innovation

Posted on November 2023

University of Wisconsin-Madison and GE HealthCare has announced a 10-year strategic collaboration that builds on an iconic relationship spanning more than 40 years.

Our department played an integral role in both the agreement and history of innovation, which included becoming the first U.S. research scanning site for GE HealthCare’s novel silicon-based photon counting CT prototype.

Chair Thomas Grist, Senior Vice Chair of Research Scott Reeder, and Professor Frank Korosec hosted GE HealthCare colleagues on campus to celebrate the agreement earlier this week. GE HealthCare’s VP of Research and Scientific Affairs Erin Angel, President and CEO Catherine Estrampes, and VP of Advanced Technology John (Jay) Hill joined in celebration along with other colleagues we have worked with over the years.

Read the full news article here. 

Leaders from the UW School of Medicine and Public Health and GE HealthCare gather to celebrate the commitment. From left to right: Frank Korosec, professor for the UW Department of Radiology, Scott Reeder, senior vice chair of research for UW Department of Radiology; Thomas Grist, chair of the the UW Department of Radiology; Erin Angel, VP, U.S. and Canada Research and Scientific Affairs at GE HealthCare; Catherine Estrampes, President and CEO, U.S. and Canada at GE HealthCare; and Jay Hill, VP, Advanced Technology at GE HealthCare.
Colleagues from UW–Madison and GE HealthCare give the W sign in celebration of the next ten years of strategic collaboration.