UW Neuroradiology Shows Strong Presence At ASHNR 2013 Meeting

Posted on October 2013

The UW Department of Radiology’s Neuroradiology Section had a very strong presence at the recent American Society of Head and Neck Radiology meeting, held from September 25-29 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Members of our faculty and Neuroradiology fellows were involved in all facets of the meeting, from scientific papers to leadership roles and even a quiz bowl.

Over one third of the scientific papers originated from UW, and 5% of all scientific exhibits had a contributing author that was a member of our faculty. This included Ravi Garg, M.D., Michael Hartman, M.D., Lindell Gentry, M.D.’s paper titled, “Radiographic Correlates of Nasolacrimal Trauma: Predicting the Sequelae of Lacrimal System Injury,” and Visiting Assistant Professor Lisa Koenig, M.D., Michael Hartman, M.D., Lindell Gentry, M.D.’s paper titled, “Role of the Retromolar Foramen in Perineural Tumor Spread of Retromolar Trigone Cancers.”

Members of UW Radiology enjoy dinner at the ASHNR 2013 meeting

Of 98 total posters, UW Radiologists presented five, including Fellow Justin Brucker and colleagues’, “Radiology in the Nosebleed Section: How to Pick out a Diagnosis from the Epistaxis Differential,” Fellow Sarah Nace and colleagues’, “Big trouble in a Little Space: Orbital Apex Pathology” and Assistant Professor Tabbassum Kennedy and colleagues’, “Decoding the Audiogram: An Illustrative Guide for the Head and Neck Radiologist.”

Dr. Kennedy received a first place prize for her exhibit, developed in conjunction with the Department of Otolaryngology and doctors Maksimovic, Hartman, Gentry, Brewer, Ploch, and Gubbels. The award-winning project can currently be viewed in the hallway outside the Head and Neck reading room.

Three of the 48 refresher courses at the meeting were presented by members of our current faculty, including Greg Avey, Tabbassum Kennedy, and Lindell Gentry. Two other refresher course faculty members also spent some time in our department, Drs. David DeLone, former resident and fellow, and Lisa Koenig.

Dr. Lindell Gentry (second from right, back row) with others members of the Executive Committee

Not only did our faculty and fellows participate by submitting their work, they also participated in other unique ways as well. Dr. Gentry served as a secretary of the ASHNR Executive Committee, and Dr. Kennedy served on the ASHNR Program Committee. Furthermore, Dr. Nace participated as a member of the always-popular ASHNR College Bowl session.

The department would like to congratulate the Neuroradiology Section on their strong performance and diverse representation of the excellent work going on in UW Radiology.



Dr. Sarah Nace participates in the College Bowl Session