UW Radiology @ ISMRM 2010

Posted on May 2010

UW Radiology will be well represented at the 2010 ISMRM Annual Meeting, May 1-7, 2010, in Stockholm, Sweden:

Bipolar 3D-FSE-IDEAL: fast acquisition of volumetric T2-weighted fat and water.
Madhuranthakam AJ, Yu H, Shimakawa A, smith MP, Reeder SB, Rofsky NM, McKenzie CA, Brittain JH.

Coil-by-coil vs. direct virtual coil (DVC0 parallel imaging reconstruction: an image quality comparison for contrast-enhanced liver imaging.
Beatty PJ, Holmes JH, Chang S, Bayram E, Brittain JH, Reeder SB.

Virtual coil phase determination using region growing: description and application to direct virtual coil parallel imaging reconstruction.
Beatty PJ, Chang S, Bayram E, Madhuranthakam A, Yu H, Reeder SB, Brittain JH.

Flexible and efficient data acquisition technique for 3D-FSE-IDEAL.
Madhuranthakam AJ, Yu H, Shimakawa A, Smith MP, Reeder SB, Rofsky NM, McKenzie CA, Brittain JH.

Optimization of flip angle to allow tradeoffs in T1 bias and SNR performance for fat quantification.
Hines CD, Yokoo T, Bydder M, Sirlin CB, Reeder SB.

Peripheral MRA using an interleaved variable density Cartesian acquisition with HYPR reconstruction.
Holmes JH, Kang W, Busse FR, Francois CJ, Beatty PJ, Keith LA, Wu Y, Reeder SB, Brittain JH, Korosec FR.

T2-weighted body imaging with PROPELLER using parallel imaging with across blade calibration.
Holmes JH, Beatty PJ, Reeder SB, Li Z, Busse RF, Gaddipati A, Brittain JH.

T1 independent, T2* corrected chemical shift based fat-water separation with accurate spectral modeling is an accurate and precise measure of liver fat.
Hines CD, Frydrychowicz AP, Tudorascu DL, Hamilton G, Vigen KK, Yu H, McKenzie CA, Sirlin CB, Brittain JH, Reeder SB.

Cardiac imaging with chemical shift based water-fat separation at 3T.
Vigen KK, Francois CJ, Shimakawa A, Yu H, Nagle SKSchiebler MLReeder SB.

Feasibility of T2* estimation with chemical shift-based water-fat separated cardiac imaging.
Vigen KK, Yu H, Francois CJ, Shimakawa A, Reeder SB.

Cardiac water-fat imaging: early experience and clinical utility.
Schiebler ML, Vigen KK, Francois CJNagle SK, Shimakawa A, Yu H, Brittain JH, Reeder SB.

Analysis of right atrial and ventricular flow patterns with whole heart 4D flow MRI — comparison of tetralogy of Fallot with normal volunteers.
Francois CJ, Srinivasan S, Landgraf BR, Frydrychowicz AReeder SBSchiebler MLWieben O.

Improved fat-suppression for unspoiled GRASS imaging of the knee using multi-peak IDEAL chemical shift fat-water separation.
Kijowski R, Hines CD, Yu H, Reeder SB.

Hemodynamics of portal hypertension with 4D radial phase contrast imaging: feasibility at 3.0T.
Verma RW, Johnson K, Landgraf B, Frydrychowicz AFrancois CJWieben OReeder SB.

Water/fat separation of short T2* tissue using multi-echo ultra-short echo time (UTE) imaging and IDEAL.
Wang K, Yu H, Brittain J, Reeder S, Du J.

Noise analysis for chemical shift based water-fat separation with independent T2* correction for water and fat.
Chebrolu VV, Yu H, Pineda AR, McKenzie CA, Brittain JH, Reeder SB.

Chemical shift based water-fat separation with an undersampled acquisition.
Moran CJ, Brodsky EK, Yu H, Reeder SB, Kijowski RX, Block WF.

High spatial and temporal resolution perfusion imaging of hepatocellular carcinoma with time-resolved 3DPR using a 32-channel coil at 3T.
Brodsky EK, Block WF, Schelman W, Reeder SB.

Effects of postprandial state and mesenteric blood flow on the repeatability of magnetic resonance elastography.
Hines CD, Lindstrom MJ, Reeder SB.

Noise weighted T2*-IDEAL reconstruction for non-uniformly under-sample k-space acquisitions.
Wiens CN, Kisch SJ, Hines CD, Yu H, Pineda AR, Robson PM, Brittain JH, Reeder SB, McKenzie CA.

A reliable, efficient and flexible multi-echo FSE based water-fat separation method.
Yu H, Shimakawa A, Prato S, Reeder SB, McKenzie CA, Brittain JH.

Exploiting the spectral complexity of fat for robust multi-point water-fat separation.
Yu H, Shimakawa A, Brittain JH, McKenzie CA, Reeder SB.

Field strength reproducibility of hepatic proton density fat fraction estimation by a complex-data, T1-independent, T2*-corrected, spectrum-modeled MRI technique.
Johnson B, Schroeder M, Hansen K, Kang GH, Wolfson T, Gamst A, Reeder SB, Sirlin CB, Bydder M.

Common artifacts of pulmonary artery MRA and potential solutions.
Nagle SKSchiebler MLFrancois CJGrist TMReeder SB.

Volumetric adiposity imaging over the entire abdomen and pelvis in a single breath-hold using IDEAL at 3.0T.
Poonawalla AJ, Shimakawa A, Yu H, McKenzie C, Brittain J, Reeder S.

Non-contrast-enhanced renal MRA using inflow-enhanced, inversion-recovery at 3T.
Bley TA, Reeder SBSchiebler M, Takei N, Brittain JH, Grist TFrancois CJ.

Clinical experience with gadoxetate-enhanced T1 weighted hepatobiliary imaging in primary sclerosing cholangitis.
Jedynak AR, Kelcz F, Frydrychowicz ANagle SKReeder SB.

Post Lumpectomy MRI: using diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) to distinguish benign from malignant tissues. Poster Presentation.
Kelcz F. , Hain K.

Time Intensity Curve Analysis of Malignant Enhancing Breast Lesions: atypical findings more frequent in smaller lesions. Oral presentation.
Engel D, Dunbar W, Kelcz F.

Comparing Kidney Perfusion Using Arterial Spin Labeling and Microsphere Methods in an Interventional Swine Model.
Artz N, Sadowski EA, Wentland AL, Grist TM, Djamali A, and Fain SB.

Arterial Spin Labeling Approach to Kidney Perfusion: Assessing Reproducibility in Native and Transplanted Kidneys.
Artz, N, Sadowski EA, Wentland AL, Grist TM, Seo S, Djamali A, and Fain SB.

Assessing Kidney Perfusion using Arterial Spin Labeling and Radial Acquisition for Rapid Characterization of Inflow Dynamics.
Artz, N., Johnson K, Hang Y, Sadowski EA, and Fain SB.

Segmentation of Kidney Cortex and Medulla on MR Images by Use of Multi-Feature K-means Method
Huang, Y, Yagow, D, N. Artz, Sadowski EA, Djamali A and Fain SB

ASL, BOLD, and Phase Contrast MRI Measurements in the Kidneys of Normotensive and Hypotensive Swine.
Niles D, Wentland AL, Artz N, Grist TM, Fain SB, Djamali A, Sadowski EA

Measurements of Renal Perfusion, Oxygenation, and Total Renal Blood Flow in Swine
Wentland, AL, Artz NS, Djamali A, Grist TM, Fain SB, Sadowski EA

Renal Perfusion and Oxygen Bioavailability in Swine: Comparing Isoflurane to Propofol
Dance, L, Wentland AL, Artz N, Fain SB, Djamali A, Sadowski EA.

Multicomponent Relaxometry (mcDESPOT) in the Shaking Pup Model of Dysmyelination
Hurley SA, Mossahebi P, Samsonov AA, Alexander AL, Deoni SC, Fisher R, Duncan ID, Field AS

Accelerated Serial MR Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis Using Baseline Scan Information
Samsonov AA, Velikina JV, Fleming JO, Schiebler MLField AS

Hybrid Diffusion Imaging (HYDI) in a Spinal Cord Model of Dysmyelination
Hosseinbor AP, Duncan ID, Larsen EC, Alexander AL, Samsonov AA, Wu YC, Hurley SA, Fisher RA, Field AS