UW radiology researchers make impressive showing at SAR conference

Posted on April 2013

At a recent conference in Maui, Hawaii, members of the Department of Radiology swept the Society of Abdominal Radiology (SAR) with award winning research papers and posters.

At the conference of the SAR, which aims to contribute to the scientific and educational advancement of abdominal radiological topics, UW work boasted a total 17% of abstracts presented.

“I’m only a resident with relatively little research experience,” said Dr. Theodora Potretzke, “But… a showing as strong as ours at such a prominent subspecialty conference requires not only talented, innovative, and enthusiastic faculty, but also the departmental culture and departmental resources that support such projects and make research possible.”

Potretzke, a 3rd year resident, was one recipient of the Alexander R. Margulis First-Time GI Paper Presenter Award for her contribution to the paper, “Dual Energy CT Improves Visibility of Early Small Bowel Ischemia Compared to Conventional CT in a Swine Model.”

In addition, UW researchers Shane Wells and co-authors Diego Hernando, Karl Vigen, and Scott Reeder took home the award for Best GI Scientific Poster Award. Not only did UW researchers take home prizes for their work, they also gave nine presentations during the conference, including workshops, scientific presentations, and hands-on training.

“The importance of academic projects has been emphasized throughout my residency training and we have exceptional role models in all sections in this regard,” Potretzke said.

Dr. J. Louis Hinshaw echoed this sentiment. “[The] bottom line is that all of our success is built on the backbone of an incredibly supportive department.” Dr. Hinshaw further commented that no other institution was as well represented at the conference.

“It is no wonder that I had more than people spontaneously comment to me during the week that UW has the best abdominal imaging section in the country,” he said. “[It] definitely makes you proud to be a Badger.”