UW @ RSNA 2013: MSK Subspecialty Highlights Hands-On, Learning Experiences

Posted on January 2014

During RSNA 2013, many UW faculty in the musculoskeletal (MSK) specialty found ways to give back as they engaged in hands-on sessions, refresher courses, and embraced interactive learning to further education within MSK.

Kenneth S. Lee, M.D., helped lead a master class in MSK ultrasound, as well as a hands-on workshop in techniques for interventional sonography and thermal ablation, and ultrasound of the lower extremity.

In addition, he and another UW MSK faculty member Humberto G. Rosas, M.D., lead another hands-on workshop on nerve ultrasound in the shoulder and neck.

Ken L. Schreibman, M.D., Ph.D., lead a well-attended ASRT @ RSNA lecture titled, “Elbow and Forearm Trauma: Mechanisms of Injury and Patterns of Fractures.”

Michael J. Tuite, M.D., also lead an educational MSK session on the Elbow, and Donna G. Blankenbaker, M.D., lead a case-based review of the hip, while giving three more lectures on pelvis and hip imaging, both in adults and children.

According to Dr. Kenneth Lee, popularity of MSK as a subspecialty has grown in the US compared to where it was even ten or fifteen years ago.

“Interest in MSK, new image-guided therapies and research will continue to grow into the next decade,” Dr. Lee said. “The annual RSNA meeting is a great venue where [one] can share your knowledge of cutting-edge MSK imaging amongst a very diverse national and international group of radiologists.”

Dr. Michael Tuite believes the complex and evolving nature of the field keeps radiologists wanting to learn more. “Musculoskeletal MRI is a large part of many radiologists’ practices, but you often have to image differently each different joint, so it can be confusing and challenging for general radiologists… The sessions were again filled to capacity often in the largest auditoriums at RSNA, and many attendees stop up afterward to ask questions.”