UWMF Leaps Forward With New GE Scanner

Posted on February 2015


UWMF Medical Imaging opened its new GE Revolution EVO CT scanner the week of October 6th, at the 1 S Park clinic. Offering state-of-the-art dose reduction and the ability to add cardiac gating, this scanner is one of the first Revolution EVO scanners installed in the country, according to Clinical Associate Professor Peter J. Chase.

Cardiac gating enables clearer imaging of the heart by timing image collection with the patient’s heartbeat, allowing physicians to obtain motion free images of the heart and aorta. In addition, the scanner will utilize a new radiation dose reduction technology called ASIR-V, which can routinely lower dose rates by up to 82% without a drop in image quality.

Although this is a clinical scanner, a team consisting of UW radiologists, UW medical physicists, 1 South Park technologists, and GE application specialists will be continuing to optimize scanning protocols to enhance image quality and minimize radiation dose, said Professor Myron Pozniak, M.D. This protocol development is part of an ongoing collaboration between GE Healthcare and UW Radiology. The partnership has already resulted in the development of robust CT protocols, industry validated and fine-tuned to prior versions of CT scanners.

These UW protocols have been installed on more than 660 scanners in the U.S., and the protocol team eagerly awaits feedback from end-users.

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