Vol. 12 — Tech Highlight: CT Protocol Project with GE Healthcare

Posted on June 2015

In the culmination of a decade-long partnership, GE Healthcare started shipping their Optima CT660 scanner with UW-developed CT protocols in late December 2014. As of June 2015, there are over 120 of these scanners installed across the nation.

UW has developed, validated, and delivered protocols for several CT platforms in the GE lineup: Lightspeed VCT, Optima CT660 (both a 64- and 32-slice version), and the Revolution Discovery CT / Discovery CT750 HD. Protocol validation for the Revolution EVO scanner at our 1 South Park clinic was recently completed, and the protocols for the EVO model are expected to ship this summer. In addition, the protocols will be soon deployed outside of the U.S., in countries where English is the operative language.

UW will further cement its position as a leader in CT with the CT protocol Medical Advisory Board Meeting, scheduled for the end of October. A panel of CT experts from across the country are expected to attend the meeting, to discuss the current and future state of protocol development. We offer our sincere thanks to everyone involved in making the UW CT Protocol Optimization project a success, and to all faculty and residents who participated in the validation process. You are making a worldwide impact on radiation dose reduction while improving image quality.