Vol. 13 — Comings and Goings

Posted on June 2016


Maria-Elise Atkinson, Medical Program Assistant Associate (Abdominal Imaging and Intervention).

Dongru Bai, Student Hourly (Finance).

Tyler Bradshaw, PhD, Assistant Scientist (PET).

Kaitlyn Cooper, Kayla Endres, Allisyn Hall, Debra Jeffrey, Rayna Kluz, Cassidy Radjenovic, Elizabeth Stein, Imaging Specialists – Associate.

Kelsey Dzanic, Medical Program Assistant Associate (Breast Imaging).

Carolina de Aguiar Ferreira, Rebecca Majewski, Sixiang Shi, Research Assistants with Dr. Cai.

Keshia Finestad, Mikayla Kurilla, Lauren Pellegrini, Britney Schroeder, Imaging Assistants – Associate.

Jessica Francois, Student Hourly (Admin).

Amy Frederick, Imaging Specialist – Mammography.

Peter Graffy, Research Assistant with Dr. Pickhardt.

Karla Hameister, Nurse Manager.

Suzanne Hanson, Research Specialist (Study Coordinator) with Dr. Cho.

Linda Harris, Senior Administrative Program Specialist (Grants Administrator – Post Awards).

Hoklan Hau, Information Processing Consultant (Imaging Analyst).

Audrey Hinshaw, Student Hourly with Dr. Laeseke.

James Holmes, PhD, Senior Scientist (MRI).

Brandon Juno, Medical Program Assistant Associate (PET/CT Program).

Theresa Kang, PhD, Research Specialist (Clinical Research Study Coordinator).

Zyaad Khader, Haomin Li, Nimish Sarin, Student Hourlies (IT).

Karen Knipschild, MBA, Administrative Program Specialist (Education Coordinator).

Mollie Law, Outreach Specialist-Radiology.

Inki Lee, MD, Research Associate with Dr. Cho.

Fang Liu, MSc, PhD, Research Associate with Dr. Kijowski.

Annelise Malkus, Research Associate with Dr. Szczykutowicz.

Natalie Masciopinto, Kelli Starks, Radiology Schedulers.

Seth Oppert, Imaging Specialist, Objective.

Madalyn Pechmann, Student Hourly with Dr. Kijowski.

Bryan Ramirez, MD, Programmer Analyst (Web Developer).

Robyn Reeson, Senior Administrative Secretary, UWHC.

Nathan T. Roberts, Ante Zhu, Research Assistants with Dr. Reeder.

Kelley Salem, PhD, Research Associate with Dr. Fowler.

Arseny Semin, Associate Programmer Analyst (Web Developer).

Christina Shafer, PhD, Assistant Scientist with Dr. Burnside.

Mary Beth Sperl, Senior Information Processing Consultant.

Debra Trieloff, PA, Physician Assistant.

Andrew Werden, Information Processing Consultant (Systems Administrator) .

Andrew Vaudt, Human Resources Assistant Advanced.

Welcome Back!

Samantha Mergen, Associate Administrative Program Specialist (Comprehensive Research Agreement Program).

Nancy Odalen, Senior Administrative Program Specialist.

Melissa Brunker, Coding Tech Advanced.

Feng Chen, PhD, Haiming Luo, PhD, Research Associates with Dr. Cai.

Peter Johnson, Angiographic Imaging Specialist.

Christian La, Research Assistant with Dr. Prabhakaran.

Mikaela Albright (Graphics), Luke Endres (Web), Salem Kheraz (IT), and Tyler Moon (IT), Student Hourlies.

Gregg Pfeifer, Senior Information Processing Consultant.

Ginny Powers, PhD, Assistant Scientist with Dr. Fowler.

Kathryn Robichaud, Imaging Specialist – MR.

Ken Schreibman, MD, PhD, FACR, Professor (CHS).

Julie Stamm, PhD, Research Associate with Dr. Prabhakaran.

Jane Steiner, Medical Program Assistant Associate.

Jennifer Swartz, RN, Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Jenna Wilke, RN, Advanced Practice Practitioner.

Stephanie Wilson, Senior Research Specialist.

Katie Zupek, Human Resources Assistant.


Timothy Becker-Solic accepted the Associate Administrative Program Specialist (Project, Space, and Quality Coordinator) position.