Vol. 13 — Community Section Provides Imaging at Mile Bluff

Posted on June 2016

In 2015, interventional radiology services were added in Mile Bluff’s Medical Imaging Department. The expansion brought Assistant Professors Conrad Pun, M.D., and Michael Woods, M.D., and the ability to offer procedures in Mauston that local patients used to have to travel to receive.

“It’s important to us that we continually look to the needs of our patients; and interventional radiology was identified as one of those needs,” stated Mile Bluff’s Medical Imaging Director, Chelsea Cook. “With the addition of this specialized service, we can provide for those who need lung and liver biopsies, epidural steroid injections, as well as tube checks and changes, and more.”

Before this service was available in Mauston, receiving interventional radiology care was especially challenging for local nursing home residents who would often be required to travel by ambulance and then spend the night in a hospital. Now, those individuals can get the same great care in a short amount of time, never having to leave Juneau county.

“Interventional radiology has been welcome for both Mile Bluff care providers and patients,” added Chelsea. “Area residents no longer have to drive to get the care they need; Dr. Pun and Dr. Woods are the ones who do the traveling for our patients!”