Vol. 13 — UWMF Breast Biopsy Anniversary

Posted on March 2016

The UWMF Breast Biopsy Program celebrated it?s 20th anniversary in 2015. With nearly 6000 procedures performed, the program has come a long way from the small corner office it occupied on West Washington Ave.

Breast biopsies are the only definitive way to evaluate a breast abnormality, making it an invaluable tool in the fight against breast cancer. Spearheaded by Professor of Surgery Catherine Beckman, M.D., the first biopsy was performed in 1995 by Dr. Beckman, Susan Toth, M.D., Kirstin Kiefer and Sheri Rodefeld. The current UWMF breast biopsy team includes Associate Professor Kathleen Baus, M.D. amd Professor Pamela Propeck, M.D.