Welcome to the New Trainees 2022 – 2023 

Posted on July 2022

The University of Wisconsin – Madison Department of Radiology is excited to welcome the incoming class of trainees! 

Click below to learn about our new residents: 

Diagnostic Radiology 

Cameron Fox, MD 

Samuel Koebe, MD  

Ruben Ngnitewe Massa’a, MD  

Isha Pathak, MD  

Jessica Perry, MD 

Carolina McShane, MD  

Vyshnavi Reddy, MD  

Anna Sorensen, MD 

Interventional Radiology 

Madeline Jentink, DO 

Natalie Crawford, MD 

Nuclear Medicine 

Changhee Lee, MD 

Click below to learn about our new fellows: 

Abdominal Imaging 

Brad Evans, MD 

Trevor Everett, MD 

Anthony Jiang, MD 

Matt Mader, MD 

Scott Mauch, MD 

Taylor Morris, MD 

Breast Imaging 

Kenneth Lahrman, MD 

Kaitlin Peterson, MD 

Molly Peterson, MD 

MSK Imaging 

Jade Anderson, MD 

Joshua Arnold, MD 

Liz (Mary) Buchanan, MD 

Nicholas Laucis, MD 

Nicole Sztuk, MD 

Neuroendovascular Surgery 

Thymur Chaudhry, MD 


Serra Aktan, MD 

Michael Bergquist, MD 

Mario Juliano, MD 

Michael Larson, MD 

Mila Quinn, MD 

Craig Tork, MD