What We Published This Month (August 2023)

Posted on September 2023

Abdominal Imaging and Intervention 

Geng, R., Buelo, C.J., Sundaresan, M., Starekova, J., Panagiotopoulos, N., Oechtering, T.H., Lawrence, E.M., Ignaciuk, M., Reeder, S.B., Hernando, D. Automated MR image prescription of the liver using deep learning: Development, evaluation, and prospective implementation. (2023) Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/jmri.28564. 

Lubner, M.G., Marko, J., Hu, R., Kawashima, A., Potretzke, T.A., Frazier, A.A., Whiting, R., Udager, A.M. (2023) Malignant Neoplasms of the Penis with Radiologic and Pathologic Correlation. RadioGraphics, 43(8), p.e230025. 

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Tarcha, Z., Konstantinoff, K.S., Ince, S., Fraum, T.J., Sadowski, E.A., Bhosale, P.R., Derenoncourt, P.R., Zulfiqar, M., Shetty, A.S., Ponisio, M.R., Mhlanga, J.C. Added Value of FDG PET/MRI in Gynecologic Oncology: A Pictorial Review. (2023) RadioGraphics, 43(8), p.e230006. 

Wentland, A.L. Chronic kidney disease: a chronic challenge for imaging? (2023) European Radiology, pp.1-2. 



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Varadarajan, V., Marques, M.D., Venkatesh, B.A., Allison, M., Ostovaneh, M.R., Yoneyama, K., Donekal, S., Shah, R.V., Murthy, V.L., Wu, C.O., Tracy, R.P. Cardiovascular interactions of renin angiotensin aldosterone system assessed by cardiac magnetic resonance: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. (2023) Evolution, 77(8), p.1780-1790. 


Imaging Sciences 

Eisenmenger, L.B., Spahic, A., McNally, J.S., Johnson, K.M., Song, J.W., Junn, J.C. MR Imaging for Intracranial Vessel Wall Imaging: Pearls and Pitfalls. (2023) Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics, 31(3), pp.461-474. 

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Spangler-Bickella, M.G., Hurley, S.A., Deller, T.W., Jansen, F., Bettinardi, V., Carlson, M., Zeineh, M., Zaharchuk, G., McMillan, A.B. Erratum:” Optimizing the frame duration for data-driven rigid motion estimation in brain PET imaging”. (2023) Medical physics, 50(8), p.5295. 

Velikina, J.V., Zhao, R., Buelo, C.J., Samsonov, A.A., Reeder, S.B., Hernando, D. Data adaptive regularization with reference tissue constraints for liver quantitative susceptibility mapping. (2023) Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 90(2), pp.385-399. 

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Girard, G., Rafael-Patiño, J., Truffet, R., Aydogan, D.B., Adluru, N., Nair, V.A., Prabhakaran, V., Bendlin, B.B., Alexander, A.L., Bosticardo, S. and Gabusi, I. Tractography passes the test: Results from the diffusion-simulated connectivity (disco) challenge. (2023) NeuroImage, 277, p.120231.