What We Published This Month (July 2021)

Posted on August 2021

Milgrom, S.A., Kim, J., Chirindel, A., Kim, J., Pei, Q., Chen, L., Buxton, A., Kessel, S., Leal, J., McCarten, K.M., Hoppe, B.S., Wolden, S.L., Schwartz, C.L., Friedman, D.L., Kelly, K.M., Cho, S.Y. Prognostic value of baseline metabolic tumor volume in children and adolescents with intermediate-risk Hodgkin lymphoma treated with chemo-radiation therapy: FDG-PET parameter analysis in a subgroup from COG AHOD0031. Pediatric Blood and Cancer, 68, 9 (2021). 

Robinson, E., Jordano, L., Mirza, A.K., Eisenmenger, L., Skeik, N., Manunga, J. Management of a contained ruptured infrarenal abdominal aortic pseudoaneurysm caused by inferior vena cava struts injury: A case report and literature review. Journal of Vascular Surgery Cases and Innovative Techniques, 7 (3), pp. 438-442. (2021). 

Yao, G., Kang, L., Li, C., Chen, S., Wang, Q., Yang, J., Long, Y., Li, J., Zhao, K., Xu, W., Cai, W., Lin, Y., Wang, X. A self-powered implantable and bioresorbable electrostimulation device for biofeedback bone fracture healing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118 (28), art. no. e2100772118, (2021). 

Song, Y., Liu, F., Ruan, W., Hu, F., Younis, M.H., Gao, Z., Ming, J., Huang, T., Cai, W., Lan, X. Article head-to-head comparison of neck18f-fdg pet/mr and pet/ct in the diagnosis of differentiated thyroid carcinoma patients after comprehensive treatment. Cancers, 13 (14), art. no. 3436, (2021). 

Katabathina, V.S., Buddha, S., Rajebi, H., Shah, J.N., Morani, A.C., Lubner, M.G., Dasyam, A., Nazarullah, A., Menias, C.O., Prasad, S.R. Pancreas in hereditary syndromes: Cross-sectional imaging spectrum. Radiographics, 41 (4), pp. 1082-1102 (2021). 

Robbins, J.B., Khosa, F. No Time for Complacency: Near-term Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Author Gender in Radiology. Radiology, 300 (1), pp. E308-E309 (2021). 

Jin, Y., Liu, B., Younis, M.H., Huang, G., Liu, J., Cai, W., Wei, W. Next-generation molecular imaging of thyroid cancer. Cancers, 13 (13), art. no. 3188, (2021).  

Paul, R.K., Vazirani, R., McDermott, J.C., Kliewer, M.A. Identification of the most important subset of doppler, laboratory, and clinical parameters for serial TIPS evaluation.  American Journal of Roentgenology, 217 (1), pp. 164-171 (2021).  

Yu, H., Sonntag, P.D., Bream, P.R., Lazarowicz, M.P., Nowakowski, F.S., Woodhead, G.J., Hennemeyer, C.T., Muller, R.D., Navuluri, R., Caoili, E.M., Eifler, A.C., Tominna, B.S., Stavas, J.M. Safety and Feasibility of a Novel Percutaneous Locoregional Injection Technique of Renal Cellular Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease of Diabetes. Kidney International Reports, (2021).  

Peplinski, B.S., Houston, B.A., Bluemke, D.A., Kawut, S.M., Kolb, T.M., Kronmal, R.A., Lima, J.A.C., Ralph, D.D., Rayner, S.G., Steinberg, Z.L., Tedford, R.J., Leary, P.J. Associations of Angiopoietins With Heart Failure Incidence and Severity. Journal of Cardiac Failure, 27 (7), pp. 786-795 (2021). 

Pirasteh, A., Lovrec, P., Pedrosa, I. Imaging and its Impact on Defining the Oligometastatic State. Seminars in Radiation Oncology, 31 (3), pp. 186-199 (2021). 

Sorensen, A., Gimarc, D., Bice, M., Hare, K., Anderson, P.A., Ross, A. Improving Secondary Fracture Prevention After Vertebroplasty: Implementation of a Fracture Liaison Service. Journal of the American College of Radiology, (2021). 

Bracken, R.L., Harringa, J.B., Markhardt, B.K., Kim, N., Park, J.K., Kitchin, D.R., Robbins, J.B., Ziemlewicz, T.J., Birstler, J., Ryan, M.J., Hoang, L., Pickhardt, P., Reeder, S.B., Repplinger, M.D. Abdominal fellowship-trained versus generalist radiologist accuracy when interpreting MR and CT for the diagnosis of appendicitis. European Radiology, (2021).   

Morris, M.J., Rowe, S.P., Gorin, M.A., Saperstein, L., Pouliot, F., Josephson, D., Wong, J.Y.C., Pantel, A.R., Cho, S.Y., Gage, K.L., Piert, M., Iagaru, A., Pollard, J.H., Wong, V., Jensen, J., Lin, T., Stambler, N., Carroll, P.R., Siegel, B.A., CONDOR Study Group. Diagnostic performance of 18F-DCFPyL-PET/CT in men with biochemically recurrent prostate cancer: Results from the CONDOR Phase III, multicenter study. Clinical Cancer Research, 27 (13), pp. 3674-3682 (2021). 

Varadarajan, V., Ambale-Venkatesh, B., Hong, S.Y., Habibi, M., Ashikaga, H., Wu, C.O., Chen, L.Y., Heckbert, S.R., Bluemke, D.A., Lima, J.A.C. Association of Longitudinal Changes in NT-proBNP with Changes in Left Atrial Volume and Function: MESA. American Journal of Hypertension, 34 (6), pp. 626-635 (2021).  

Navaratna, R., Zhao, R., Colgan, T.J., Hu, H.H., Bydder, M., Yokoo, T., Bashir, M.R., Middleton, M.S., Serai, S.D., Malyarenko, D., Chenevert, T., Smith, M., Henderson, W., Hamilton, G., Shu, Y., Sirlin, C.B., Tkach, J.A., Trout, A.T., Brittain, J.H., Hernando, D., Reeder, S.B., RSNA Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance – Proton Density Fat Fraction Biomarker Committee. Temperature-corrected proton density fat fraction estimation using chemical shift-encoded MRI in phantoms. Magnetic resonance in medicine, 86 (1), pp. 69-81 (2021). 

Holmes, J.H., Jen, M.-L., Eisenmenger, L.B., Schubert, T., Turski, P.A., Johnson, K.M. Spatial dependency and the role of local susceptibility for velocity selective arterial spin labeling (VS-ASL) relative tagging efficiency using accelerated 3D radial sampling with a BIR-8 preparation. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 86 (1), pp. 293-307 (2021).  

Perez, A.A., Pickhardt, P.J. Intestinal malrotation in adults: prevalence and findings based on CT colonography. Abdominal Radiology, 46 (7), pp. 3002-3010 (2021). 

Corrado, P.A., Medero, R., Johnson, K.M., François, C.J., Roldán-Alzate, A., Wieben, O. A phantom study comparing radial trajectories for accelerated cardiac 4D flow MRI against a particle imaging velocimetry reference. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 86 (1), pp. 363-371 (2021). 

Dey, A.K., Teague, H.L., Adamstein, N.H., Rodante, J.A., Playford, M.P., Chen, M.Y., Bluemke, D.A., Gelfand, J.M., Ridker, P.M., Mehta, N.N. Association of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio with non-calcified coronary artery burden in psoriasis: Findings from an observational cohort study. Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, 15 (4), pp. 372-379 (2021).  

Awe, A.M., Rendell, V.R., Lubner, M.G., Weber, S., Winslow, E.R. Pancreatic cyst characterization: maximum axial diameter does not measure up. HPB, 23 (7), pp. 1105-1112 (2021).  

Knott, E.A., Longo, K.C., Vlaisavljevich, E., Zhang, X., Swietlik, J.F., Xu, Z., Rodgers, A.C., Zlevor, A.M., Laeseke, P.F., Hall, T.L., Lee, F.T., Jr., Ziemlewicz, T.J. Transcostal Histotripsy Ablation in an In Vivo Acute Hepatic Porcine Model. CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology, (2021).  

Shabani, M., Bakhshi, H., Ostovaneh, M.R., Ma, X., Wu, C.O., Ambale-Venkatesh, B., Blaha, M.J., Allison, M.A., Budoff, M.J., Cushman, M., Tracy, R.P., Herrington, D.M., Szklo, M., Cox, C., Bluemke, D.A., Lima, J.A.C. Temporal change in inflammatory biomarkers and risk of cardiovascular events: the Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. ESC Heart Failure, (2021).  

Zhao, R., Hernando, D., Harris, D.T., Hinshaw, L.A., Li, K., Ananthakrishnan, L., Bashir, M.R., Duan, X., Ghasabeh, M.A., Kamel, I.R., Lowry, C., Mahesh, M., Marin, D., Miller, J., Pickhardt, P.J., Shaffer, J., Yokoo, T., Brittain, J.H., Reeder, S.B. Multisite multivendor validation of a quantitative MRI and CT compatible fat phantom. Medical Physics, (2021).  

DeBenedectis, C.M., Jay, A.K., Jordan, S.G., Raybon, C.P., Robbins, J.B., Deitte, L.A. Ensuring a Smooth Transition for Trainees Returning from Parental Leave – A Guide for Program Directors. Academic Radiology, (2021).   

Richardson, M.L., Adams, S.J., Agarwal, A., Auffermann, W.F., Bhattacharya, A.K., Consul, N., Fotos, J.S., Kelahan, L.C., Lin, C., Lo, H.S., Nguyen, X.V., Salkowski, L.R., Sin, J.M., Thomas, R.C., Wassef, S., Ikuta, I. Review of Artificial Intelligence Training Tools and Courses for Radiologists. Academic Radiology, (2021).