What We Published This Month (October 2023)

Posted on November 2023

Buchanan M.E., Markhardt B.K. Systematic review of techniques in cartilage imaging. (2023) Journal of Cartilage and Joint Preservation, art. no. 100155. 

Daudé P., Roussel T., Troalen T., Viout P., Hernando D., Guye M., Kober F., Confort Gouny S., Bernard M., Rapacchi S. Comparative review of algorithms and methods for chemical-shift-encoded quantitative fat-water imaging. (2023) Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 

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Falk K.L., Laeseke P.F., Kisting M.A., Zlevor A.M., Knott E.A., Smolock A.R., Bradley C., Vlaisavljevich E., Lee F.T., Jr., Ziemlewicz T.J. Clinical translation of abdominal histotripsy: a review of preclinical studies in large animal models. (2023) International Journal of Hyperthermia, 40 (1), art. no. 2272065. 

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Gonzalez-Pereira J.P., Johnson C.J., Wells S., Bushman W., Roldan-Alzate A. Technical feasibility of uro-dynamic MRI study of voiding biomechanics: a pilot study. (2023) International Urology and Nephrology. 

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Lee, M.H., Kim, D.H. Low Rectal Cancers at Initial Staging MRI. (2023)  

Monroe E.J., Woods M.A., Shin D.S., Reis J., III, Swietlik J., Eifler A., Pinchot J.W., Chick J.F.B. Percutaneous treatment of symptomatic deep vein thrombosis in adolescents using large-bore thrombectomy systems. (2023) Pediatric Radiology. 

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Yi S.Y., Ali N.S., Lee K.S., Ross A.B. Prevalence and Impact of Workplace Sexual Harassment Experienced by Medical Sonographers. (2023) Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine.