What We Published This Month (September 2022)

Posted on October 2022

Lee, M.H., Zea, R., Garrett, J.W., Graffy, P.M., Summers, R.M., Pickhardt, P.J. Abdominal CT Body Composition Thresholds Using Automated AI Tools for Predicting 10-year Adverse Outcomes. Radiology (2022).

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Burnside ES, Schrager S, DuBenske L, Keevil J, Little T, Trentham-Dietz A, Rolland B, Shah D, Alagoz O. Team Science Principles Enhance Cancer Care Delivery Quality Improvement: Interdisciplinary Implementation of Breast Cancer Screening Shared Decision Making. JCO Oncol Pract (2022).

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Wang, C., Zhang, Y.-C., Fan, W.-H., Wu, W.-Y., Wuu, D.-S., Lien, S.-Y., Zhu, W.-Z. Texture evolution mechanism of pulsed laser deposited in-doped Ga2O3 film affected by laser fluence and its application in solar-blind photodetector. Vacuum, 205, art. no. 111469, (2022). 

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