Wisconsin Partnership Program welcomes new PERC member – Dr. Jason Stephenson

Posted on September 2020

The Wisconsin Partnership Program is pleased to welcome Jason W Stephenson, MD to the Partnership Education and Research Committee (PERC). Dr. Stephenson was appointed by Dean Robert Golden, and replaces Dr. Tracy Downs, who has served on the committee over the past four years.

Dr. Stephenson is an associate professor in the SMPH Department of Radiology. He is board certified in diagnostic radiology. Dr. Stephenson’s expertise, clinical interests and commitment to resident and medical student education will greatly inform and enhance the PERC’s work.

The Wisconsin Partnership Program thanks Dr. Downs for his leadership and contributions to PERC. In addition to serving on PERC, Dr. Downs served on the PERC’s Executive Committee and provided thoughtful and thorough review and evaluation of PERC grant applications. He also brought a very important voice and perspective to the Partnership Program’s health equity work and participated in its inaugural Advancing Health Equity conference.

The Partnership Education and Research Committee broadly represents SMPH faculty, staff and leadership, and allocates and distributes funds designated for education and research aimed at improving the health of Wisconsin residents.

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