Frank R Korosec PhD

Professor (CHS)

  • Interim Vice Chair of Research
  • Director of Research Resources
  • Section Chief, Imaging Sciences
Imaging Sciences

Picture of Frank R Korosec, PhD


Frank Korosec is a medical physicist specializing in MRI. He is the chief of the Imaging Sciences Section of the Department of Radiology, the Director of Research Resources, the Director of Clinical MRI Physics, and a researcher. As chief of the Imaging Sciences Section of the Department of Radiology, he oversees Ph.D. faculty and academic staff scientists who conduct research in a variety of areas, including MRI, CT, x-ray, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound imaging; contrast agent development; and ablation technique development. As director of research resources, he coordinates and facilitates acquisition, utilization, and siting of imaging equipment housed in the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Imaging (WIMR) facility. As Director of Clinical MRI Physics, he oversees quality assurance of the MRI scanners, aids in the development of clinical MR imaging protocols, and participates in strategic planning for upgrades to, and acquisition of, new MRI and MR-related equipment in UW Hospital and Clinics (UWHC) and WIMR. His research interests include MR angiography and fast MR imaging. He teaches the physical principles of MRI to medical physics students and radiology residents, fellows, and faculty.


  • Graduate University of Wisconsin-Madison - 1991