Tim P Szczykutowicz PhD, DABR

Associate Professor (CHS)

  • Director of Clinical Operations, CT Protocol Project
Imaging Sciences

Picture of Tim P Szczykutowicz, PhD, DABR




    Dr. Szczykutowicz is an associate professor (CHS) in the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Departments of Radiology, Medical Physics, and Biomedical Engineering. He received his Bachelors of Science in Physics from the SUNY University at Buffalo in 2008. After his undergraduate studies, Dr. Szczykutowicz came to the University of Wisconsin–Madison where he earned his Masters and PhD in Medical Physics, receiving mentorship from Doctors Charles ‘Chuck’ Mistretta and Guang-Hong Chen. After his dissertation work, Dr. Szczykutowicz spent a year as a doctrinal fellow and imaging physics resident with the Department of Medical Physics at the UW before being appointed as a clinical health sciences Assistant Professor.
    He currently specializes in CT, researching everything from CT reconstruction algorithms to protocol management and protocol optimization. To date, protocols developed by this team have been shipped to more than 2,000 sites around the globe. He is currently on multiple editorial boards including the Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography and Radiographics. Dr. Szczykutowicz is the author of 36 papers, 2 book chapters, the book “The CT Handbook: Optimizing protocols for today’s feature-rich scanners”, 2 patents, and is a consultant to 5 companies.