Tim Szczykutowicz Receives Esteemed Appointments

Posted on December 2020

Associate Professor Tim Szczykutowicz, PhD, DABR has been appointed to two prestigious positions. He will be serving as a Consultant Editor in Physics for the Journal of Thoracic Imaging. Additionally, he was named the Radiologic Physicist Member on the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) Radiography Examining Board.


The Journal of Thoracic Imaging (JTI) is a premier journal that provides information on the use of imaging techniques in the diagnosis of cardiac and pulmonary diseases. Dr. Szczykutowicz has done multiple reviews for the journal over the last year, and he enjoys taking time to think about the paper and how it can contribute to the field of radiology. JTI – where Department of Radiology Professor and Vice Chair of Quality Jeff Kanne, MD serves as a Deputy Editor – recognized Dr. Szczykutowicz’s contributions by giving him this consulting role. As Consultant Editor in Physics, Dr. Szczykutowicz will help find the correct physics expert reviewers to judge manuscripts and review physics-related content. He will also help assess the physics merit and novelty of articles. “I am happy to use my physics knowledge to help JTI as best I can,” says Dr. Szczykutowicz.

Members of the Radiography Examining Board are appointed by the Governor and then confirmed by the state Legislature to serve four-year terms. As the Radiologic Physicist member of the Wisconsin Radiography Examination Board, Dr. Szczykutowicz will lend his imaging expertise to consider changes to state of Wisconsin licensing requirements for radiology imaging technologists. He is also responsible for helping decide what to do in cases of disciplinary action for technologists that are at risk of losing their license or who are practicing under a limited license.

Dr. Szczykutowicz was proud to have been selected to the Wisconsin Radiography Examination Board. “I have a deep respect for the day-to-day decisions our CT technologists make in everything they do, from billing to scanning our patients. I work very closely with them, and when I was invited to participate on the board, I felt it was a responsibility I looked forward to. I am happy and honored to be an advocate for my technologist colleagues in Wisconsin and ensure the regulations from the State are as burdenless as possible, while also ensuring our technologists are competent and able to serve our patients,” he says.