Veena A Nair PhD

Scientist III

Imaging Sciences

Picture of Veena A Nair, PhD


I am an experimental psychologist interested in the application of advanced neuroimaging techniques to studying functional and structural neuroplasticity, in healthy aging and following disease or injury. In ongoing work I am involved in administering neuropsychological tests and in using functional MRI and DTI measures for tracking and predicting brain changes and relating these to behavioral outcomes. My current research focus is in the following areas: (1) Studying brain reorganization and functional recovery following stroke and investigating the changes in brain-behavior over time. (2) Using fMRI as a clinical tool for the identification of eloquent cortex in patients with brain tumors or vascular lesions or seizures, to aid in presurgical planning. (3) Studying brain-behavior changes following stroke rehab therapy using EEG driven Brain Computer Interface (EEG-BCI) technology in patients with upper extremity motor deficits following stroke.