Comparison of IVD-HYCR to the Reference Standard x-Ray DSA in Patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease

The PI of this project was:

This project was funded by: Radiology RD

The term of this project was: August 2013 to December 2013

The number of subjects scanned during this project was: 20

We have developed a new method for imaging the blood vessels in the lower extremities. The method uses interleaved-variable-density (IVD) sampling for the acquisition any highly-constrained Cartesian reconstruction (HYCR), and is referred to as IVD-HYCR. This method provides improved temporal and spatial resolution relative to the current clinical standard MR angiographic imaging method, referred to as time-resolved imaging of contrast kinetics (TRICKs). The goal of this project is to compare the IVD-HYCR method with the TRICKs method in patients with peripheral vascular disease, while using x-ray digital subtraction angiography (DSA) as the reference standard. Patients with known peripheral vascular disease who are undergoing a procedure in the vascular surgery clinic will be recruited into this study.