Development of Standardized Protocols for Connectome-Quality Neuroimaging

The PI of this project is:

This project is funded by: MR 750W Lease Account

The term of this project is: February 2022 to December 2099

The number of subjects scanned during this project is: 10

The primary objective of this project is to develop reproducible protocols that best meet the standard protocols for the HCP and related projects on existing MRI scanners, including the Signa PET/MR, MR750, and Premier scanners. Wherever possible, this project will leverage the latest advances in technology to meet these ends. The specific aims of this project are to develop FMRI and DTI protocols for the Signa PET/MR, MR750, and Premier scanners that best match the acquisition parameters of connectome imaging for the HCP, HCP Lifespan, ABCD, UK Biobank, and other related projects. In addition, the study team will perform phantom imaging to assess parameter choices to optimize the protocol. This study will involve the scanning of 10 healthy volunteers, with protocols developed in Aim 1 on three scanner platforms (Signa PET/MR, MR750, and Premier) to evaluate data quality, and make this de-identified data publicly available to other researchers.