(HAMIR) Hamstring Injury Index

The PI of this project is:

This project is funded by: National Football League (NFL Charities)

The term of this project is: May 2022 to June 2025

The number of subjects scanned during this project is: 200

The study will be conducted in 4 Division I collegiate men’s football teams over a 3 year period. All student-athletes enrolled in this study will complete preseason hamstring strength and endurance testing, IMU-based sprinting biomechanics, and undergo baseline magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Student-athletes will be monitored by athletic trainers throughout the school year, who will record injuries and participation (e.g., time in practice, game). Student-athletes who sustain an HSI will undergo a clinical assessment at the time of injury along with an MRI examination. Following completion of a rehabilitation program, hamstring strength and endurance will be re-evaluated and imaging will be repeated, along with performance measurements. This study will provide the most detailed understanding of the physiological causes and effects of HSI, advancing our understanding of the processes affecting muscle function and improving our ability to evaluate, treat, and prevent HSI. This study represents what will be the largest, most quantitative prospective cohort study ever into HSI. Data gathered as part of this study will be used to develop a quantitative Hamstring Injury (HAMIR) index such that the medical and scientific communities can identify an individual athlete’s propensity for HSI, and, more importantly, identify targets for injury mitigation, thereby reducing the global burden of HSI.