Workshop Agenda

Machine Learning for Medical Imaging (ML4MI): Workshop Agenda


October 5, 2018
Fluno Center, UW-Madison

9:15 am: Opening remarks
9:30 am: Keynote seminar (Wiro Niessen, PhD) Deep Imaging: impact of AI-empowered image reconstruction, diagnosis and prognosis
10:30 am: Coffee break
11:00 am: Radiology/WARF panel (Burnside, Strigel and Whitehorse) – ML4MI: Radiology and Intellectual Property Perspectives

12:30 pm: Lunch
1:30 pm: Bioethics seminar (Pilar Osario, PhD, JD) Governing Machine Learning for Health Care Justice
2:15 pm: Coffee break
2:45 pm: Keynote seminar (Jeff Fessler, PhD, MS) Medical image reconstruction using adaptive signal models
3:45 pm: Poster session
4:30 pm: Closing