Many section members participate in teaching activities. Educational offerings are provided to the clinical faculty, fellows, residents, staff, and university students on topics including the physical principles and technical aspects of medical image acquisition, reconstruction, and processing; developing and imaging contrast agents; and administering and monitoring therapeutic techniques.

Resident education is an important mission of the Imaging Sciences section, and includes an annual lecture series that teaches the physics of medical imaging to prepare the residents for the board examination. Frank Ranallo, PhD, DABR is the director of this course. (See a sample syllabus for Physics for Radiology Clinicians PDF File) At the conclusion of the resident education course each year, a course is offered that covers the advanced aspects of MRI. This course is attended mainly by radiology fellows, but faculty, staff, and students from other departments attend as well. Karl K Vigen, PhD is the director of this course. (See a sample syllabus for MR Physics for Clinicians PDF File) In addition, Imaging Sciences members participate in other educational activities, including one-on-one teaching of residents, fellows and clinical faculty; hands-on labs for the fellows at the MRI scanners; departmental lectures; and a host of laboratory and classroom offerings for graduate students.