Ali Pirasteh Accepted Into KL2 Scholar Program 

Posted on August 2022

Dr. Ali Pirasteh (center) with Dr. Scott Reeder (left) and Dr. Scott Perlman (right)

Ali Pirasteh, MD was recently accepted into the KL2 Scholar Program. According to the University of Wisconsin’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, “The KL2 Scholars Program provides promising young clinical and translational investigators the training, mentoring, and protected time to develop an independent research program. This program is funded by NIH through the ICTR Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA).” 

Dr. Pirasteh was awarded $132,450 for his research project focused on developing a noninvasive PET/MRI technique for assessment of liver fibrosis and fibrogenesis. He said, “We have developed this technique in the Wisconsin Miniature Swine model, and after further animal validations, we are hoping to translate it to human clinical trials.” 

The program lasts a total of three years. When Dr. Pirasteh found out that he was named a KL2 Scholar, he said, “It was a feeling of gratitude and appreciation toward all those who helped put this application together, and also recognizing how UW Radiology, SMPH, and ICTR value development of physician scientists.” 

Congratulations, Dr. Pirasteh!