Department Faculty Research Paper Given High Praise

Posted on July 2021

Professor Mark Schiebler, MD, Assistant Professor John Garrett, PhD, Professor Scott Reeder, MD, PhD, Professor Guang-Hong Chen, PhD, and Assistant Scientist Ran Zhang, PhD were recently commended for their highly applicable research publication.  A literature review published in Patterns looked at medical imaging and artificial intelligence in the context of COVID-19 and found that there were great disparities between research experts and clinicians on what and how AI solutions could be used in clinical practice. Within the review, 2.7% of publications (12 manuscripts) were assigned a high maturity level and found relevant to clinical practice, one of which was the UW faculty members’ publication.

Drs. Schiebler, Garrett, Reeder, and Chen were part of the research team that published the manuscript, Diagnosis of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pneumonia by Using Chest Radiography: Value of Artificial Intelligence, in Radiology in September of 2020. The research aimed to develop an artificial intelligence algorithm to differentiate COVID-19 pneumonia from others at chest radiography. You can learn more about this research here.