Faculty Spotlight: Giuseppe Toia

Posted on August 2021

Giuseppe Toia, MD, MS recently joined the Department of Radiology as an Assistant Professor (CHS) in the Abdominal Imaging and Intervention section. Continue reading to learn more about Dr. Toia. 

Q: Where are you from?
 A: Chicago, IL 

Q: Where did you attend medical school?
A: Loyola University in Chicago

Q: Why did you choose Radiology?
A: Going through medical school, I pretty much liked everything, and I couldn’t decide for a while. I was on a neurosurgery track, and as I went through the course, I realized I liked everything. So, radiology showed its way for being a learning-based field. I like the idea that I am helping other physicians with figuring out a diagnostic plan for treatment. 

Q: What are your clinical and research goals?
A: Clinical interests are liver and pancreas pathology. I like oncology imaging, as well, and finding novel applications of CT technology to find new ways to diagnose disease. I also like spectral CT imaging to figure out different ways to diagnose abdominal disease. I like working with physicists and medical engineers and figuring out ways to improve patient care. For research, I like CT optimization – figuring out the best way to implement CT service – both for radiologist and patient. I also like deep learning. I like to figure out how we can use deep learning to optimize CT and ultimately how we can make any aspect of the radiologist’s day better through deep learning.

Q: Why did you choose UW/What are you excited about at UW?
The community of people. That was the first thing that I struck me when interviewing. I had a couple of mentors of mine relocate to UW. The community is so exciting to be a part of, and at the same time, they are world-renowned radiologists. My wife and I were looking for a small-town college feel that is closer to family. I feel very fortunate to cross paths with UW because it feels like a perfect fit.

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: I’m a musician. I’ve played piano since I was 10 and bass guitar since I was 14. I like listening to music, going to concerts, and playing in a band with childhood friends. I also like hockey – I’m a goalie. Another hobby of mine are board games. I like to collect them from various genres and introduce them to people. I like outdoor activities – hiking, trying to get into cross country skiing. I also follow NHL and F-1 racing religiously.