Jade Anderson, MD inspires medical students during Office of Multicultural Affairs dinner

Posted on April 2024

Jade Anderson, MD spoke about her journey to become a musculoskeletal diagnostic and interventional radiologist.

Jade Anderson, MD shared her journey of becoming a radiologist with medical students at a recent dinner hosted by the UW School of Medicine and Public Health’s Office of Multicultural Affairs.

As she is early-on in her career, Dr. Anderson was excited to speak to the medical students and inspire them to pursue their dreams. During her talk, Dr. Anderson highlighted her decision to transfer from an orthopaedic surgery residency, sharing that while it was a difficult decision, she ultimately had to pursue what she was passionate about.

This moment resonated with Reagan Beyer, a medical student who attended the dinner. Knowing that Dr. Anderson was able to change specialties in her residency and become a successful radiologist settled some of Reagan’s nerves about the future. “Seeing that it all works out, it makes these big decisions a lot less vulnerable.”

Reagan conducts research with Dr. Anderson and considers her to be a mentor and source of inspiration. “Dr. Anderson is awesome. She is one of the most wonderful mentors that I think UWSMPH has to offer. She will do everything in her power to help students find the best path. Whether it is a path similar to what she took or not, she will still help them find a path that best suits them.”

Dr. Anderson encourages medical students and trainees to attend events like this dinner in the future. “Mentorship is something you must seek out. Different people have different experiences, and these types of events are what could spark those connections and help build networks.”