Fee Schedule

Consulting Charges

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Project Set-up $500 minimum $1000 minimum Includes review of imaging manual or study protocol to confirm that image acquisition is appropriate for quantitative analysis. Also applies to Expert Reader service if the study requires a customized image processing workflow or reporting.
Director/Technical Director $175/hour $500/hour Consulting charges can apply to all service lines within MIRS-Image Analysis. Consulting will be done upon request of the customer and will be part of the negotiation of a service agreement.
Scientist $115/hour $300/hour
Informatics Consultant $90/hour $150/hour
Image Analyst $55/hour $150/hour

Medical Image De-Identification and Coding

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Individual Exams
Export Images from PACS $5/exam $10/exam “An “”exam”” is defined as all images sharing the same scan date and modality.
(ex. CT Neck, CT Chest, MR Head from 02/02/2015 = 2 exams)

For larger jobs, it is likely more cost effective to set up a dedicated automatic or semi-automated study-specific pipeline.”

De-Identification or re-coding $5/exam $10/exam
Import from or Burn to CD/DVD $5/exam $10/exam
Submission to sponsor site $5/exam $10/exam
Batch Jobs
Customized Research Image Processing Set-up Fee $500 minimum $1000 minimum Base batch processing fee: 10 times the single exam fee.
De-Identification or re-coding see information see information Additional: Cost of personnel time to complete job at hourly rates. For well organized requests, this should be less expensive than individual rates. In no case will the final total batch job fee be greater than the individual rate.


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Function and Morphology
Right Ventricle or Left Ventricle only $40/exam $80/exam An “exam” is defined as the scan data acquisition to be evaluated.
Both Right and Left Ventricle $50/exam $100/exam
2D Flow Quantative Analysis
1 Plane $40/exam $80/exam  
Additional Planes $10/exam $20/exam  
Other Services
Myocardial Strain Analysis $40/exam $80/exam  


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Iron/Fat Fraction Quantification
Iron or Fat Fraction Quantification $20/exam $40/exam An “exam” is defined as the scan data acquisition to be evaluated. Includes up to 9 regions of interest (e.g. Couinaud segments with 4a and 4b)
Both Iron and Fat Fraction Quantification $30/exam $60/exam
Other Services
Elastography Quantification $20/exam $40/exam  
AMRA Profiler Analysis $200/exam Not Available Industry should contract with AMRA directly

Expert Reader

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Expert Reader Scoring Support (Reader not provided) $5/exam $10/exam  
Expert Reader Scoring-Radiologist Reader $50/exam $100/exam Does not include time required to train reader on specific scoring system
Radiologist over-read for adventitious findings $50/exam $100/exam Only for adventitious findings per IRB protocol. This is not a clinical interpretation, nor does it replace a diagnostic exam. Report will go to study team only and will not be placed in the subject’s medical record.

Tumor Morphology

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RECIST 1.1 Assessment $75/exam $200/exam An “exam” is defined as all scans to be evaluated per timepoint.