Abdominal Imaging and Intervention at the University of Wisconsin has a long history of successful NIH and private grant funding. In the past decade we have been awarded over $23,000,000 dollars from federal and private sources to support our research programs. We currently have NIH R01 grants in tumor ablation, CT colonography, molecular diapeutics, and liver imaging.

The section works closely with the largest medical physics department in the country, and we are home to two active research laboratories: Molecular Diapeutics (Jamey Weichert, PhD) and Tumor Ablation (Christopher L Brace, PhD). Both of these labs have extensive NIH and private funding, and each has been the birthplace of a UW-Madison spin-off company (Novelos, Inc., and NeuWave Medical, Inc.). Scott B Reeder, MD, PhD leads the multidisciplinary Liver Imaging Research Program (LIRP), a federally funded group which is focused on the imaging of focal and non-focal liver diseases. This program combines the talents of radiologists, hepatologists, medical physicists, and transplant surgeons, and has an impressive track record of publication and extramural funding.

The Abdominal Imaging and Intervention Section employs multiple nurse-clinicians to support both the clinical and research endeavors of the virtual colonoscopy, tumor ablation, image-guided procedures, and cancer imaging programs. A $32,000,000 strategic alliance with GE Medical provides the latest software and hardware advances for use by section members, and our section is actively involved with research to improve and advance imaging science through collaborative relationships with multiple local and national/international biotechnology companies.

Learn more below about several nationally- and internationally- recognized research programs supported by the Abdominal Imaging and Intervention Section.