Phase 2 Curriculum

Phase 2 Goals:

  • Establish image ordering within the clinical context, with an emphasis on the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria
  • Connect clinical presentations of disease signs and symptoms with manifestation of disease pathology in imaging with can’t-miss diagnoses

Seminars: Radiology content is presented during a weekly seminar series on Wednesday afternoons, each of which directly links to the course topic of the week.  Seminars are presented in a case-based format by a faculty facilitator who is a content expert in the field. The Acute Care block culminates in student case presentations in which students apply their understanding of imaging appropriateness and evidence-based medicine to a patient’s imaging that they saw while on clinical service.

Rotations: Students can choose to complete a two-week elective rotation with the Interventional Radiology service as part of the Surgical and Procedural Care block.