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RSNA 2011 is a Success for UW Radiology

The UW SMPH Department of Radiology had an outstanding showing at this year's Radiological Society of North America meeting. Over 30 of the Department's faculty, staff, fellows, and residents participated in the international event, with 17 winning at least one award. In addition, our faculty and staff supplied 35 refresher courses, 15 scientific presentations, and 13 education exhibits. Hosted in Chicago, RSNA is one of the world's premier medical meetings, drawing professionals from more than 100 countries together to discuss the advancement of the profession and learn about cutting edge technical advancements in the field. See the contributions and award-winning presentations UW made to this year's RSNA event below. Magna Cum Laude Award The Contrast Nephrogram: A Multimodality Pictorial Review Meghan G. Lubner, M.D. | Cynthia Sawhney Santillan, M.D. | Khaled Mohamed Elsayes, M.D. | Perry J. Pickhardt, M.D.| Christine O. Menias, M.D. Cum Laude Award Can't Touch This: Hamartoma Time James Adam Hanson, M.D. | Tabassum A. Kennedy, M.D.| Meghan G. Lubner, M.D. | Sanjeev Bhalla, M.D. | Perry J. Pickhardt, M.D. | Christine O. Menias, M.D. Demystifying Medical Billing: Understanding the Impact of Billing Changes on Your Practice Shane A. Wells, M.D. | Holly Daul | Richard K. J. Brown, M.D. A Sight for Sore Eyes: Imaging of Ocular and Ophthalmologic Infections Kardelina Diaz, M.D. | Deborah L. Reede, M.D. | Roy Andrew Holliday, M.D. | Wendy R. K. Smoker, M.D., FACR | Lindell R. Gentry, M.D. Certificate of Merit Award Vascular Anomalies of the Temporal Bone: Detection, Embryology, and Classification Greg D. Avey, M.D. | Tabassum A. Kennedy, M.D. | Lindell R. Gentry, M.D. Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy: Spectrum of Imaging and Pathologic Findings Lilia Vanessa Hardin, M.D. | Tabassum A. Kennedy, M.D. | Shahriar M. Salamat, M.D. Uterine Masses: Beyond the Simple Fibroid Eniola T. Obadina, M.D. | Meghan G. Lubner, M.D. | Khaled Mohamed Elsayes, M.D. | Christine O. Menias, M.D. Image-guided Percutaneous Ablation of Benign Hepatic Masses: Why Operate When You Don’t Have To? J. Louis Hinshaw, M.D. | Meghan G. Lubner, M.D. | Christopher L. Brace, Ph.D. | Timothy J. Ziemlewicz, M.D. | Fred T. Lee Jr., M.D. Diffusion-weighted Imaging User’s Guide for the Novice Radiologist in the Breast, Abdomen, and Pelvis Frederick Kelcz, M.D., Ph.D. Exhibits Solicited For RadioGraphics Award What Is in a Tear: Diagnosis and Classification of Meniscal Tears Jie C Nguyen, M.D. | Humberto G. Rosas, M.D. | Arthur A. De Smet, M.D. | Ben K. Graf, M.D. Vascular Anomalies of the Temporal Bone: Detection, Embryology, and Classification Greg D. Avey, M.D. | Tabassum A. Kennedy, M.D. | Lindell R. Gentry, M.D. Additional Presentations by UW MR Arthrographic Appearance of the Postoperative Acetabular Labrum in Patients with Suspected Recurrent Labral Tears Donna G. Blankenbaker, M.D. How Budgetary Restrictions Effect Post-Mammography Management Decisions: An Analytical Model Mehmet U. Ayvaci, MS, BS (Research Assistant) A Short Microwave Ablation Zone Is Possible: In Vivo Experience with a Modified Triaxial Antenna Meghan G. Lubner, M.D. Timing and Nature of Complications from Image-guided Percutaneous Liver Transplant Biopsy Kristie Guite, M.D. Calculation of Relative Pressure and Wall Shear Stress Gradients in Intracranial Arterial Stenoses Using High-Resolution 3D Radial Phase Contrast Velocimetry (PC-VIPR) Warren Chang, M.D., M.B.A. (student) Hydrodissection for Thermal Ablation: Development of Injectable Hydrogels to Increase Stability of the Insulating Layer Christopher L. Brace, Ph.D. Gastrointestinal Imaging: What's New, What's Hot, and What's Emerging (How-to Workshop) Perry J. Pickhardt, M.D. Virtualization and Remote Rendering for Medical Imaging (Informatics: Advances) Gary J.Wendt, M.D. Virtualization for Enterprise Imaging Gary J.Wendt, M.D. Techniques for Interventional Sonography and Thermal Ablation (Hands-on Workshop) Kenneth S. Lee, M.D. Musculoskeletal US with Focus on Peripheral Nerves: Small and Difficult-to-Study Nerves (Hands-on Workshop) Humberto G. Rosas, M.D. Dynamic Musculoskeletal US of the Upper Extremity (Hands-on Workshop) Kenneth S. Lee, M.D. MR Imaging Techniques for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Diagnosis Scott B. Reeder, M.D., Ph.D. CT Colonography: Pitfalls Perry J. Pickhardt, M.D. CT Colonography: Summary of Results David H. Kim, M.D. Screening CT Colonography: Multicenter Survey of Patient Experience, Preference, and Impact on Adherence B. D. Pooler, M.D. (Research Associate) Abdominal MR Angiography without Contrast Agents Thomas M. Grist, M.D. Tendinosis: Steroid Injection, Tendon Fenestration, or Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection? Kenneth S. Lee, M.D. Noncontrast MR Angiography Scott B. Reeder, M.D., Ph.D. Smoking-related Interstitial Lung Diseases Jeffrey P. Kanne, M.D. Cerebrovascular Injuries Lindell R. Gentry, M.D. MR Imaging Appearance of the Types of Meniscal Tears with Arthroscopic Correlation Arthur A. De Smet, M.D. Imaging of the Extensor Mechanism Kirkland W. Davis, M.D. Stroke Imaging Triage: The Golden Hour Howard A. Rowley, M.D. Panel Discussion Howard A. Rowley, M.D. Pump and Puff Problems: The Cardiac Manifestations of Diffuse Lung Disease Christopher J. FranÒ«ois, M.D. Where the Scope Don't Shine: MR Enterography and Correlates with Nonradiographic Imaging in Crohns Disease Jacob Thomas, M.D. Diurnal Variation of Major Error Rates in the Interpretation of Body CT Studies Mark A. Kliewer, M.D. Diagnostic Accuracy of Lateral and Axial Radiographs Compared with Arthroscopic Findings of Patellofemoral Cartilage Damage Kirkland W. Davis, M.D. Improved Motion Correction Capabilities for T1 FLAIR PROPELLER Using Non-Cartesian Parallel Imaging James H. Holmes, Ph.D. Characterizing Microwave Ablation Antenna Designs by Infrared Thermal Imaging Christopher L. Brace, Ph.D. Spectrum of Adjunctive Techniques Used in Percutaneous Ablation Meghan G. Lubner, M.D. Microwave Tumor Ablation: Developmental History, Current Practice, and Future Trends Christopher L. Brace, Ph.D. Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation of RF and Microwave Ablations: Postablation Ultrasound Predicts Ablation Zone Dimensions as well as Biphasic CT in Normal Swine Liver Timothy J. Ziemlewicz, M.D. Brain Perfusion Physiology and Tracer Kinetic Modeling Aaron S. Field, M.D., Ph.D. Imaging of Peritoneal-based Disease Perry J. Pickhardt, M.D. Creating a More Spherical Tumor Ablation Zone through Microwave Antenna Optimization Jason Chiang, B.S. (Research Assistant – Employee-in-Training) Hands-on Audience-Response Systems and Presentation Generation Systems (Hands-on Workshop) Lonie R. Salkowski, M.D. Hands-on Audience-Response Systems and Presentation Generation Systems (Hands-on Workshop) Lonie R. Salkowski, M.D. Hands-on DICOM Data Manipulation (Hands-on Workshop) Richard J. Bruce, M.D. Advanced Image Analysis, including Applications such as Automated Stent Planning and Multimodality Image Fusion and Treatment Planning (Hands-on Workshop) Gary J. Wendt, M.D. Virtualized and Cloud-based Advanced Image Analysis Utilities, including 3D (Hands-on Workshop) Gary J. Wendt, M.D. Hands-on HL7 Data Manipulation (Hands-on Workshop) Richard J. Bruce, M.D. Hands-on DICOM Data Manipulation (Hands-on Workshop) Richard J. Bruce, M.D. Noise Reduction with Prior Image Constrained Compressed Sensing in Chest CT Christopher J. FranÒ«ois, M.D. US vs MR Imaging for Musculoskeletal Radiology Kenneth S. Lee, M.D. Microwave Therapy: Are All Technologies (and Wavelengths) Equal? Christopher L. Brace, Ph.D. Predicting Diagnosis and Outcome Elizabeth S. Burnside, M.D., M.P.H. Resident, Fellow, and Radiologist as Interviewees Fred T. Lee Jr., M.D. Interview Role-Playing Fred T. Lee Jr., M.D. Congratulations and job well done to everyone involved!  

Dr. François Given 2 ACR Appointments

Congratulations are in order for UW Radiologist Dr. Christopher François who has recently been appointed to both the Expert Panel on Vascular Imaging and the E-Learning Subcommittee at the American College of Radiology (ACR). The ACR Expert Panel on Vascular Imaging is a specific panel focused on revising the criteria and guidelines for imaging vascular diseases. Currently, the panel is in the process of updating and revising the appropriateness criteria and guidelines published by the ACR. The ACR E-Learning Subcommittee is a brand new subcommittee which is committed to developing new educational programs specifically designed for e-learning. Dr. François joined the UW Department of Radiology's Cardiovascular Imaging and Chest Imaging Sections in 2007.    

Dr. Pickhardt Named SAR Visiting Professor

We are proud to share that UW SMPH Radiologist Dr. Perry Pickhardt has been announced as the 2012-2013 Visiting Professor of the future Society of Abdominal Radiology. The Professorship, formally to be named the Igor Laufer Visiting Professorship, provides a grant of $8,000 to support expenses involved with travel and presentations for various institutions. In addition, Dr. Pickhardt will serve on the 2012 SGR IEC Faculty at the annual Guatemalan Radiological Association meeting, MAYARAD 2012, as well as serve as the SAHR Honorary Lecturer at the 2012 ESGAR Annual Meeting and Postgraduate Course in Barcelona, Spain. The Society of Abdominal Radiology will be formed in 2012 as a result of a merger between The Society of Gastrointestinal Radiologists and The Society of Uroradiology.    

Dr. Brace, Undergraduates' Invention Places 2nd in National Competition

UW Radiology's Chris Brace, Ph.D., led a team of undergraduates from the Department of Biomedical Engineering to a second place win at this year's Collegiate Inventors Competition, with a project developed through the Department of Biomedical Engineering's undergraduate design curriculum. Students Patrick Cassidy, Sean Heyrman, Alex Johnson, and Anthony Sprangers' winning invention, BarriereASAP, is a special, thermoreversible barrier used to protect healthy tissue while nearby cancer tissue is being removed. This same invention was awarded 3rd place at the 2011 BMEStart national competition. The annual Collegiate Inventors Competition, which was founded by the non-profit organization Invent Now, was held on November 14. Participants presented to a panel of judges comprised of Inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and representatives from the event's sponsors, the Abbott Fund, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Invent Now began the competition 21 years ago in order to promote innovation, recognize young inventors and scientists, and reward students for addressing the problems of today's world. The competition attracts creative and ingenious thinkers from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics backgrounds. Brace is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering. Congratulations to all involved. We can't wait to see what your future holds.  

Prof. Mistretta Picks Up AAPM Lifetime Achievement Award

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) has awarded UW radiologist Charles Mistretta, Ph.D. its prestigious Edith H. Quimby Lifetime Achievement Award. This esteemed award recognizes AAPM members whose careers have been defined by notable achievements. Recipients of the award must be participating AAPM fellows who have made significant scientific achievements in medical physics, had a considerable influence on the career development of other medical physicists, or shown leadership in national and/or international organizations. Prof. Mistretta has been doing research in medical imaging since 1971. During his career he has become a significant member of his field, contributing to the development of digital subtraction angiography (DSA), introducing the 4D DSA x-ray technique, and generating 33 issued US patents. He has mentored 33 Ph.D. students and 23 postdoctoral associates. Prof. Mistretta will be honored at the AAPM Awards and Honors Ceremony and Reception during the 54th Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

Cai Invited by Science/AAAS to Give a Webinar on Stem Cell Imaging

UWSMPH Department of Radiology Assistant Professor Weibo Cai was recently invited by Science/AAAS to give a webinar on stem cell imaging. Cai gave an overview on different imaging techniques for tracking stem cells in vivo, both in patients and animal models of various diseases. A panel of three experts, including Professor David V. Schaffer from UC-Berkeley, Professor Clemens Cabernard from University of Basel, and Cai, each gave a presentation on different aspects of stem cell imaging, followed by a 30 minute Q & A session. The webinar attracted more than 400 live audiences and is archived at http://www.sciencemag.org/site/marketing/webinar/ for subsequent viewing.  

Dr. François, Others Awarded $2.5M NIH Grant

UW Radiology's Dr. Chris François of the Cardiovascular and Chest Imaging sections has been awarded, along with fellow investigators, a grant totaling $2,507,192. The grant project, titled "Right Ventricular-Pulmonary Vascular Interactions in Pulmonary Hypertension," is a collaborative study with Northwestern University. The principal investigator of the project is Naomi C. Chesler, Ph.D., of UW Biomedical Engineering, while Dr. François is serving as one of the senior personnel. The remaining UW faculty involved with the study includes Jens C. Eickhoff, Ph.D. from the Department of Biostatistics, Heidi Kellihan, DVM from the School of Veterinary Medicine, and James Runo, M.D. from the Department of Medicine. The National Institutes of Health’s Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute awarded the grant, which is active until June 20, 2015. There is also an outgoing sub-award with Northwestern University.    

Dr. Pickhardt Included in Medscape Article

Medscape News recently published an article discussing participation in CT colonography and traditional colonoscopy, which references UW Radiologist Dr. Perry Pickhardt. The Medscape article, "CT Colonography Improves Participation in Cancer Screening," discusses a paper by researchers at Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The study, published November 15 in The Lancet Oncology, found that participation in colorectal cancer screening is significantly improved with CT colonography compared with traditional colonoscopy. Furthermore, CT colonography has similar diagnostic yield for advanced neoplasia compared to traditional colonoscopy. "Results from this trial show a significant 55% improvement in screening participation with CT colonography over colonoscopy, which is a crucial component to the overall success of a screening programme," Dr. Pickhardt was quoted saying in the article, which drew, in part, from his commentary that accompanied the original paper. Read the article at Medscape.com.  

UW Radiologists' Work Spotlighted by Health Imaging and JACR

An article by UW Radiology doctors on unnecessary radiation exposure has been recognized by both the HealthImaging.com and the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR)! UW’s Kristie Guite, M.D., J. Louis Hinshaw, M.D., Fred T. Lee, Jr, M.D., Frank Ranallo, Ph.D., and Mary Lindstrom, Ph.D., authored the article, titled "Ionizing Radiation in Abdominal CT: Unindicated Multiphase Scans Are an Important Source of Medically Unnecessary Exposure." The work discusses the commonality of medically unnecessary multiphase CT exams and the potential of these exams to deliver excess radiation exposure. This overexposure led the authors to call for an end to routine use of "one-size-fits-all" multiphase protocols for abdominal and pelvis exams. JACR originally published "Ionizing Radiation in the Abdominal CT" in its November issue, and named it the best article published in the journal’s Clinical Practice category in the past year. HealthImaging.com also featured the piece as one of its top stories. Read the story at HealthImaging.com. Read the full paper at JACR.    

Dr. Reeder Lands Cover of JMRI

Be sure to check out the October issue of the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging which features the work of UW Radiology's Dr. Scott Reeder on the cover! The journal's cover shows an image from Dr. Reeder's paper, "Quantitative Assessment of Liver Fat with Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy," which is printed in the issue. See the full article online at wiley.com